Tuesday, August 31, 2010

obscure band for 8/31

While this band may be relatively unknown to most of you, Corpus Christi has been a band I've liked for a while. They are a pretty new Christian metal band from Cincinnati, Ohio that has been through quite a change. The only remaining original member is Jarrod Christman, who does rhythm guitar and clean vocals. Other current members include Derek Ayers (lead guitar), Caleb Rhoads (bass), Andy Poling (drums), and Max O'Connell (harsh vocals).

Their best song, in my opinion, is 'Fight For Your King,' one of their harder songs that combines the awesome scream of original harsh vocalist Will Henry with the different but great voice of Christman.

I haven't had a chance to listen to their entire new cd but I would definitely recommend their first cd, 'Darker Shades Of White.'



Every tuesday I will post an obscure band, along with a little about them and their music. I will also give you what I think is their best song. Since I just made this up I wasn't prepared for it so I will post today's obscure band tonite. Stay tuned!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Thanks to Twitter, I was able to see a comment made by Skip Bayless concerning the Bulls building a bronze statue of Scottie Pippen. I agree that Pippen deserves a statue, but the player I would like to see memorialized with a statue would be Tim Duncan. Yes, he's never been a flashy, exciting player, but he gets the job done. He does everything. Scores, rebounds, defends with the best, blocks shots, and creates opportunities for his team mates to score. He has 4 rings, 3 final's mvps, and 2 league mvps. He has been a steady but superstar but you won't see people walking around wearing his jersey unless you were in San Antonio. He may be boring, but I'll take boring and consistently good over flashy but inconsistent.