Saturday, October 16, 2010

Zach wins round 10 at roanoke 2 by 4 strokes. Thus ends a great weekend of disc golf!
Zach wins round 9 at roanoke 1 by 1 stroke. Heading to roanoke 2 for the final round of discapalooza. I have retired with a messed up arm.
Zach wins round 8 in bedford by 2 strokes. On to roanoke for rounds 9 and 10.
Zach wins round 6 and 7 at peaks view and liberty. Heading to get lunch then round 8 in bedford.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Zach and jerry tie in round 5 at elk creek. That concludes day 1 of discapalooza. 81 holes. 3-5 more courses 2moro.
Jerry wins round 4 at longwood by 2 strokes. Racing to elk creek to try to get one last game in.
Zach wins round 3 by 3 strokes. currently on the long trip back to longwood for round 4. round 5 is questionable atm.
Bottoms up pizza is AMAZING!!!!!!
Zach wins round 2 at gillies park by 4 strokes. onto lunch then round 3 at bryant park!
Round 1: Dory park
On to gilly park!
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? A?<}F???s=?g?? t?^ ?????]&?@?2(,/??u?????? t9L.?A?7????A??|
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